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MBR Low Profile Ridge/Slope vents

Available in zincalume, c/bond, aluminium, stainless steel.

Throat Sizes - 150mm, 225mm, 300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 600mm

These ventilators are suitable for small to medium commercial/industrial buildings, schools etc.

They are manufactured to suit the following criteria:-
1) Static for permanent venting
2) Twin side dampered for air flow control (electric or manual controls)
3) Cyclonic for extreme conditions
All ventilators are supplied fully assembled in lengths up to 6 metres long and quality control tested before delivery to site. Ventilators can be manufactured for joining together on the roof to achieve the overall length required.

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Specify MBR (Ridge/Slope) ventilators with (material type) finish and (size) throat opening.Ventilators shall be (static/twin side dampers/cyclonic) model fully assembled and tested before delivery to site.
For twin side damper models, insert dampers shall be operated by (electric motor/remote control winders) as recomended by the manufacturer, fully assembled and tested before delivery site.
These ventilators can also be manufactured with polycarbonate internal ridge cappings to allow light entry through the ventilator and ducted down to the ceiling and finished with egg crate type ceiling panels.
Specify MBR (Ridge/Slope) vent Lite model with (material type) etc.
Provide and fix water and dust resistant lineal roof vents with twin side dampers. Vents are to be installed on a *ridge* slope* to the extent shown on drawings. *Ridge* Slope* vents shall be complete with all parts including but not limited to:twin side dampers with edge seals, stack cap, wind jump diaphragms, sturdy

frames, self cleaning drainage systems, flashing,electric winder assembly and bird wire. Lineal vents shall be manufactured by MBR.

The vents shall have a throat width as noted on drawings. The throat refers to the free area. This free exhaust area shall be maintained by the stack opening and with both dampers open. At no point shall the free exhaust area of the vent be less than the normal throat size.

The vents shall be constructed of *Zincalume * Colorbond* to match roof sheeting.

Under normal operating conditions, rain shall not enter the throat when dampers are open. When closed, twin side dampers shall be rigid and provide a durable seal to prevent the entry of all wind driven rain, spray drift and dust. Self cleaning drainage system shall be designed so that all rain, dust leaves etc are completely removed from the vent unit onto the roof.

The stack flashing to the vent shall have a minimum 200mm cover, and sealed to the roof with a continuous profiled seal. Flashing at the stop end shall also have a minimum 200mm cover. The stop end to the lineal vent is to be silicone sealed to the stack cap on site after installation.

The vents shall be designed to resist wind loads resulting from **41 metres per second wind in non cyclonic areas** 69 metres per second wind in cyclonic areas** as outlined in AS 1170 wind Code.

Dampers shall be controlled by the manufacturers recommended electric motors. The electrician shall supply a press button switch. the switch shall clearly indicate by means of light when the dampers are open or closed. Refer to drawings for location of switch.

Install in accordance with manufacturers recommendation.



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